Shaved ice


I love frozen yogurt. I always have and always will. When I pass a Yogurtland I’m one of those who goes in just for the samples and leaves (except I’m not as pro at sampling as my little sister Lee). But fro-yo makes me feel a little sick and usually ends up being just too much dairy and sugar concentrated into that tiny cup. At first I thought frozen yogurt like Red Mango was “pretty healthy” but now I’m realizing its just glorified ice cream. I still eat it, but I know its bad for me. Over the summer one of my Korean co-workers told me about the shaved ice place “Blockheads” in West LA which is right alongside some of the best ramen shops I have heard of, I knew I had to go.

This shaved Ice is unbelievable. People describe Blockheads’ in particular as “snow cream” – its similar to the texture of snow, but creamy and delicious. The four flavors are usually original, strawberry, green tea and sesame and they are pretty mild. You choose one flavor, one topping (extra toppings are $0.50) and a drizzle (the typical is condensed milk). The servings are big but when I finish I feel like I could eat 10 more. Not too dairy heavy at all. Also they have punch cards so you can get a free one after 10 cups! Took me about 2 months to fill up this bad boy.

Anyone else who is a fro-yo nut, try shaved ice. If you live in Los Angeles, they opened up another one on San Vicente (its called Sweet Crush and they have non-dairy flavors as well) and you should definitely try it out. Once you do, you will find an even better replacement to your fro-yo with less sugar and density. I go to blockheads at least twice a month but would probably go a couple days a week if the line wasn’t so long and I had the time.



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