Waste not

Our refrigerator is completely empty. We still didn’t have time to go to the grocery stores tonight so I made a shmorgasbord of veggies with some shrimp and quinoa on the side. Our big bag of spinach from Trader Joes started going bad and smelling a little weird so I took the liberty of plucking out all the fresh leaves. I absolutely hate wasting food especially fresh produce. It makes me so upset when I go to people’s houses or apartments and they have delicious food that went bad.


Our dinner was fresh and so filling. I love quinoa. I’m not a big gluten or rice person (the occasional whole wheat or brown I can do) but usually they make me feel a little too full. I would much rather eat spaghetti squash than real spaghetti and I would rather just eat the vegetable topping because I think that pasta tones down the robust flavor of tomatoes and mushrooms. Same goes for rice. I would rather eat the veggies then fill up on rice as well because I like how veggies taste more.
I love sushi and I probably eat wheat everyday but in a perfect world I wouldn’t. That’s why I love quinoa so much. It has such a hearty flavor and is full of fiber and protein. I never feel bad after eating it. Definitely gotta work that grain in more.



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