Breakfast of Champions

I love my breakfasts. I think that they make or break my day – I haven’t had pancakes for breakfast in a veryyy long time but I think if I did then I would eat whatever I wanted the rest of the day. Same goes with any types of processed sugar. Once I eat them, the rest of the day tends to become a free-for-all so if I did this at 8am who knows what could happen during the next 12 hours.

My favorite cereal of all time is Kashi GoLean (red box) because it is tasty and packed with protein (13g) and fiber (10g) per cup. It is a blend of 4 or 5 different little cereals and my favorite are the fiber twigs. Every time I buy a box of the Kashi I do a comparison between other cereals that look good, and have never found one that packs so much protein and fiber into this little calories. In my opinion, its the best on the shelf. I eat it with some almond milk, flax seed, fruit (berries or apples if we are out) and sometimes cinnamon. I also use Kashi as a granola with Greek yogurt.

Another obsession is flax seed. I eat the Bob’s Red Mill brand and used to do the ground flax seed meal but now I’ve switched to whole flax seeds. I don’t measure exactly but I think I put 2T in my breakfast every morning. I can’t not. I’m addicted. It’s full of fiber and Omega-3s and really gets the morning moving. I try and get all my friends into it but no one but my mom understands me.

Almond milk is a new one also. I used to do unsweetened Vanilla Soy Milk and loved it but after switching to almond milk, too much soy feels a little heavy. Now I get my soy from edamame or if I have to get a soy latte from Sbux. I drink my coffee black, but sometimes add a splash of almond milk. With the Kashi, it kind of makes the cereal taste like marshmallows. I stopped eating so much artificial sweeteners a couple months ago as well, and since cutting those out soy milk tastes a lot more sugary than it did before.

I used to put stevia in a lot of things – coffee, greek yogurt and sometimes sprinkled on popcorn. I would get “skinny” lattes from Starbucks a couple times a week. When I went home over Christmas, the only coffee sweetener available was sweet n low and I just couldn’t bring myself to drink it. So I started doing my coffee black. Instead of putting stevia in my yogurt, I put in some jam or honey. Before, when I used to eat stevia or splenda almost every day, a spoonful of honey in the yogurt wouldn’t be sweet enough. Now since I cut it out, everything tastes a lot sweeter. Fake sugar tastes disgusting and a little bit of real sugar (raw turbinado, honey or fruit) tastes great. Cutting it also affected salt. Now I can really taste too much salt and have decreased my sodium intake as well! Who would’ve known.
If you are a big stevia/artificial sweetener, try cutting it out for 1 or two weeks, or even an entire month. Food will taste bland at first but eventually you will feel the difference!



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