Why I wake up early to run

Weekdays I always have somewhere to be either at 8 or 9am which means if I’m going to wake up to work out, it’s gotta be 6 or earlier. I have found that waking up and jumping out of bed delivers the best results, because once I hit snooze I’m probably not going to work out as hard as I would like. When I run my average heart rate is about 165-170 and I am pumping music. If I don’t feel up to running right before I go, I know I will be hating it the entire time instead of feeling motivated to climb the next hill. I also found out last quarter that once I started waking up at 530 for running, yoga or soul cycle classes it only took a couple weeks to feel routine. Now on the weekends I can naturally wake up at 7. But I do go to bed pretty early. I can’t exercise unless I’ve gotten at least 6 hours.
So try it out. Easiest morning workouts are weights, but if you’re sleepy these can also be the hardest to push yourself in aka you might fall asleep on the leg press machine. After two weeks waking up early will feel normal and you might even look forward to that early morning before the neighborhood rises. It’s pretty cool.



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