Food From Yesterday

I had a full day on campus yesterday and tried to plan ahead, but spent the whole day rushing. Went to a 7am Yoga Sculpt class and drank half of this Vita Coco orange (new favorite) before class while I prepared my lunch. I’m so happy I made food before yoga, or else I would have had no time for anything and would’ve had to resort to buying a mediocre salad on campus.


For lunch I used some of the rainbow kale, and made a salad with spinach, cherry tomatoes, red peppers, sunflower seeds and craisins. I brought along some balsamic vinegar and olive oil and also put some cracked pepper on the leaves. I chopped up a Gala apple, brought carrots and some edamame for protein. So good. One of my classmates told me she was “so jealous” of how healthy I ate! I told her she could do it toooo


Second coconut water of the day – the Coco Cafe, which is coconut water with an espresso shot and a splash of milk. Absolutely amazing. My neighbor works for VitaCoco and delivers cases on the reg. We have tried almost all the different flavors of fruity ones (best would be pineapple and orange) and this Cafe is perfect coffee replacement.


After class, came home and made the rest of the cajun salmon We don’t eat a lot of salmon with every meal because we would rather eat it more than once instead of more at once, so it tends to look pretty measly on the plate. We tried something new with the butternut squash – roasted it with olive oil, pepper and garlic (NO salt) and then sautéed it with some spinach and cranberries. Soo good. This one will definitely be coming back!



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