January Exercise Summed Up

My dad writes down every workout he does in this little calendar, and loves to total it up at the end of the month. I tried it out this month and loved it – I knew when I should be taking rest days, and could easily see what I should be doing more/less of:

15 yoga classes

10 cardio workouts

7 weights workouts

9 days off!!! Seems like a lot huh 

A little more breakdown:

of the cardio I ran stairs 3 times and ran outside 5 times (21 miles) and 4/7 weights workouts were yoga sculpt (yoga with weights) so doesn’t really count.

I feel like I exercise a ton, but when I lay it all out, it doesn’t feel like very much.

For February I’m going to aim for this:

In 28 days, I want to run 8 times. Practice yoga 20 times. Lift weights 6 times. And do stairs 4 times. I want to take 5-7 days off of exercise.

This is the goal! Let’s see if I can do it


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