First days of February

Wow. It’s been a whirlwind beginning to the month but I’m pretty excited about this one. I’ve been feeling a little out of balance recently and think February’s gonna be a good one.
Friday after work I was exhausted but forced myself to go to core power because I knew I should start the weekend out strong. Marxel was subbing for the usual Friday night teacher and the class was amazing. I have only taken his Pilates and sculpt classes, and having him for C2 was great. He is always so motivating. Played some great music and threw in some really challenging flows. I love his ukitasanas because they last several minutes and I always feel very proud of myself being one of the last ones standing. After yoga I was feeling great and full of energy. Me and Becky grilled shrimp and veggies and made sweet potato fries on the side. Amazing, especially with a glass of wine to complement.

Saturday morning I woke up feeling awesome and ran 6 miles with Ryan. It was one of our quickest runs. He has been running a lot and weight training (he signed up for yoga) and is definitely getting into some serious shape. He looks and feels fantastic.

Saturday afternoon and night I hung out with my man, went out to dinner and out with his friends. We went out on a double date with his roommate, and I found this tapas/small plates restaurant on Yelp in Santa Monica. When we arrived at the address and realized it was inside Nordstroms we were skeptical. But it was surprisingly really good. My favorite was the butternut squash and brussel sprouts. Super delicious, but definitely super-sauteed, typical restaurant style. But, it was still really fun. Sunday Super Bowl wasn’t an exercise day (or a healthy one) but I loved destinys child along with every other female born in the ’90s and every guy with a huge crush on Beyonce.

Last night after work I went to another awesome yoga class but this time with Mary. I’ve been planning on investing in a new yoga mat but still haven’t taken the plunge to drop the $68 on The Mat. My Gaiam one that I bought 3 years ago has lasted me a long time, but not very well. It probably cost about $25, and has been completely worn down. Yesterday, the studio manager let me try out her Lululemon The Mat for the class. It was awesome. Definitely slip proof and made me feel alot more confident and stable. I can’t wait to buy my own after midterms! I will dedicate an entire post to that once it happens. For dinner we made little scallops (big sale at whole foods) with Brussels and sweet potatoes of course. They were really delicious and tasted like the big ones that I usually eat.

This week is going to be a busy one. I have midterms starting Thursday, and will have to spend the weekend studying. I’m definitely going to need to try and find some effective, short workouts because I won’t have time for anything longer than 30-45 minutes. I’ll post some reviews of new stuff I try. I’m also going to test my theory that a clean diet is most important. If I only have time for short cardio bursts and am eating clean, I bet I can finish midterms feeling good.

On another note… last week one of my girlfriends surprised me with a new pair of Lululemon Boogie shorts – they are perfect for hot yoga. Short, snug and with a perfect rise. Definitely in with my favorite exercise articles of clothing. Another post on those coming up! Just got to finalize the list šŸ™‚


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