Running on empty

Last night I got less than 6 hours of sleep which is usually a huge problem for me. After class this morning I was feeling totally off so figured I might as well go to the gym and run it off.
I ran the perimeter which is a 4 mile loop around campus. One direction is notoriously hard with two major uphill efforts (at least 5 minutes each). I decided to just go for it. I was feeling awesome at first but halfway through ran put of steam. Figures for no sleep.
I tried to finish out strong and when I got back to the gym I did an arms circuit with free weights and some assisted pull-ups. Now on the way back home I feel awesome and am so happy I went for it.
Here’s hoping I don’t crash in class. Uhoh

Update: lunch break with my favorite magazine which basically repeats information every month but keeps me motivated 🙂



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