lululemon THE mat

Okay, so today after work I had a choice. I could either go to Ashley P. 5:30 Sculpt at CorePowerYoga on Wilshire, or try a new teacher Inanna at 6pm for a C2 class. The pro of 5:30 was that I know Ashley is great, I love her sculpt classes and she is really motivating. Her music rocks. Buttt I recently have been trying to move more towards doing weights twice per week in the actual gym and leaving the weights out of my yoga practice. I was texting my yoga buddies to see if anyone had a review on Inanna but none did. I was torn. I really have a strong preference for great music when I flow, and I wasn’t sure if the risks were too high.

It was 5:20 and I was about to turn into the CPY lot when I instead went straight. Straight to Lululemon. I walked in and had 20 minutes to make some moves before I had to be back at the studio. I had to get the mat. It took me a while to decide between mint, lemon-lime, purple and pink because I reallly have been loving the mint (at least online) but its basically white so I knew it could get filthy. I texted my friends and asked the employees but none could help. Finally I put them on the floor and realized the lemon-lime motivated me more. It was fun and bright and when I put the two side by side (mint and lime) I realized the mint was kind of dull. 

So I did it. I bought the mat and ran to yoga class.

And Innana was amazing. She played Disclosure and had a super hard flow. Everyone in the class was part of that yoga elite group – you know the yogis who handstand every time they chataranga and all have toned up bodies and serious faces. I was in heaven. I struggled to keep up but the mat was so inspirational. 

With my old Gaiam mat, after 3 years the floor was more slip resistant. With THE mat, I could flow from standing tadasana to crescent in one swift movement. I didn’t doubt my feet when doing exalted warrior (is that the name when you lean back in crescent) and felt strong and powerful. 

I’m obsessed and never going back. I also love Inanna and can’t wait to keep going to her classes. When I got home I downloaded self timer on my phone and went crazy.


Being Super Serious in Down Dog


Almoooost there


TADA!!!! But not perfect yet


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