Two amazing dinners and Boogie shorts

The catfish we had tonight was so good. Recently me and Beck both have been shifting out of our salmon obsession and trying new fish. The black cod earlier this week was buttery and flakey – at about $6 for both of us, we definitely thought it was worth it.

Tonight we made catfish, lightly breaded and sautéed in olive oil. I really don’t like using too much panko but just enough makes the fish really good. Becky’s dad usually makes it with black bean and corn salsa, but the Whole Foods salsa didn’t look too good. A lot of black beans and only a couple corn kernels. So we made our own. We bought the frontera medium corn salsa, and then I sautéed about 1/2 cup of black beans (rinsed and drained) with some chopped onion and garlic. We split that between us both as garnish and it was so good. We are both so full though – definitely gonna have a good run day tomorrow.

Yoga tonight was awesome. I went to Marxel for some C2 and wore my new boogie shorts from Lululemon. Paired with the new mat I was feeling on top of my game. All my girlfriends like to wear leggings or pants when we go to core power but I cannot stand it. I feel super restricted and itchy and its just not a good combo. Until I got some real yoga clothes I used to just wear these shorts I made out of my solow yoga pants (similar to hard tail) and another pair I made out of old hard tail pants. They were both cotton and I liked their rise and fit (I could even take my shirt off in yoga sometimes! without having any major pinching/squeezing). At the end of the summer when I went home to Chicago for 2 weeks, I went on a major spending spree at the mall and ended up buying these Lucy shorts. They were so much better than the cotton handmade shorts, and now that I have the boogies I really don’t like wearing the antiques. I definitely want to buy some more.


Frozen black cod filet sautéed in panko, olive oil and a touch of teriyaki; 1 serving tricolor quinoa; sautéed crimini mushrooms with brussel sprouts


The most perfect snack in the world: organic pink lady apples, raw almonds and baby carrots. Eat the almonds and the apple in the same bite for a sweet and savory treat. It tastes naughty.


Dinner tonight, unreal. Fresh catfish with black bean/corn/tomato salsa, sweet potato fries and grilled zucchini


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