What happened in the last couple days…?

I’m sure all of you have been wondering where I’ve been since Sunday….
It’s been an exciting week of midterms.


I made DMO a bunch of apple slices with almond butter and ate them while he wasn’t looking…


Poor Beck ate half the bag of pistachios because she was feeling desperate and stressed


We made a delicious dinner of veggie stuffed organic spaghetti squash… we used romanesco broccoli (looks like a beautiful flower), peppers, mushrooms, onions and sprinkled low-fat mozzarella… SO AMAZING


WE WENT GROCERY SHOPPING… check the amount of vita coco…!!!


One of my fav bloggers posted a pic of my comment on her instagram… even though she was mentioning Marxel but it was still super exciting


I ate delicious salads in the library


I fell in love with these sunglasses


Becky’s boyfriend sent us (her) this edible arrangement. I ate many pineapple hearts ❤


I got my boyfriend this awesome coffee table from Ziggy the Hipster (ZTHD 13)!!! Check out the bottle cap opener on the left side!!!!


Dmo gave me a box of chocolates the size of my stomach… We ate all of them last night


It’s been a pretty exciting week! I worked out 4 out of 5 days… ran twice, stairs once, weights once, yoga twice, pilates once and sculpt this morning. Was amazing. I was very efficient with studying and exercising.

Killed my midterms!!!

Went to our favorite restaurant Tar and Roses for Valentines Day. It was so romantic and lovely. I gave dmo some chocolate truffles and wine (plus some pressed juice in the morning) and he gave me this giant box of chocolates. I left it at his place and I’m sure hes already eaten 5 more pieces. Yummmm

This weekend should be a good one! We are going to go to his friend’s beach house for a barbecue Sunday and theres no work or school Monday.

Happy presidents day! Better post coming soon 🙂


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