I have been celebrating being a woman for the last 9 days… It’s been super busy and I have had almost zero computer time

First Sara brought me a homemade juice in a big old mason jar to work so I had to take a selfie.. ignore the little boy look…


Then we made delicious dinner – kabocha MASH, salmon and grilled asparagus/onion


Becky was so excited she starting seizing


I played risk for the first time with dmo it was way too much fun – he’s the funnest teammate ever we have never played board games together in 3 YEARS and now its all I want to do


He discovered a new juice place and we had breakfast there. He’s so cute. I love Santa Monica (where he lives) so much. Its young, energetic, very active and everywhere you look is a new juice place (and yogurt place and spinning studio :))


I bought some new lulu swag and haven’t taken it off since – this headband was one of a kind at the store. the employees didn’t even know where it came from but its perfect because I can wear it during the day and when I’m trying to look cool in yoga class


I freaked all my insta followers out with this picture of us making beet chips – they were amazing. We made them last night except I have been peeing the color of beets all day and it is really scary.


I made this delicious dinner tonight – grilled chicken, kabocha wedges, grilled broccoli and onions


And discovered this new tuna salad – one can of no salt added tuna, 1T non fat greek yogurt (plain) and 1T whole grain mustard – tastes SO naughty and SO delicious. I added 3 chopped kalamata olives, onion and 1 roma tomato. On top of a bed of spinach. Perfect. Oh and chickpeas.


I went for an epic run – I really was not feeling the run but then just went for it. I listened to Lauryn Evart’s newest playlists on spotify and basically danced through the 6 miles.



In terms of exercise — I’ve been really good recently.


Sunday to Sunday:

Ran last Sunday 3.7miles

Monday stairs and weights

Tuesday off

Wednesday ran 4.4 and did pilates

Thursday C2 yoga class

Friday sculpt class

Saturday Marxel insanely hard pilates

And today ran 6!


Lets see how long I can keep this up….

I’m going to Cabo on Saturday and its finals all week. But I want to keep posting!


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