Holla for a Dolla… or more

Some horrible horrible news.

So on Saturday I went to that awesome Pilates class by the crazy Marxel, I was dripping in sweat the whole time sometimes you think he’s kidding but he’s not. A lot of the class is pelvic thrusts – weird I know, but try holding a plank, doing 10 pelvic thrusts and then 10 knee to elbows each side then repeat… x4 or 5 in a heated room. Insane.

Sunday I got the great idea to go for a run, and it was going to be my easy 5 mile loop, but then on a whim I decided to run up into Bel Air because I didn’t like the way my pants felt and was too embarrassed to be seen (I ran in this lulu lemon need for speed capris and it wasn’t working, I like bare legs). Of course I somehow had enough energy to run the entire 6 miles of hills, got back and did a quick stretch because I was so excited I had had such a great run.

Monday, my hips felt very very tight and almost painful. I would sit down and study for about 4-5 hours at a time, and when I stood up it felt like my joints weren’t joints but rocks. I had a hip injury in the fall and it was absolutely zero fun. Happened the same way, I decided to run anyways and then didn’t stretch enough and it was a recipe for disaster.

So Tuesday I went to an easy yoga class. 

And todayy I went to the gym and went on the ERG. which is rowing-talk for ergometer (those weird rowing machine things). I was the weakling on the rowing team in HS and on a whim decided to row a 2k (a standard fitness test, in rowing we had one once every 3 weeks) and did really well! I was so surprised. I had so much motivation and just did not give up. Felt sooo great.

Also, didn’t know if I said this but I’m going to Cabo in 3 days….






Also, didn’t know if I said this but I’ve been making PROTEIN PANCAKES AND IT HAS BEEN AMAZING.

This morning I made them for DMO and he was so happy (I actually don’t know if he really loved them and maybe just to humor me because he’s a little picky of an eater)


1 scoop protein powder (I use gold standard whey vanilla all natural)

2 egg whites

a big scoop of flax

half a banana mashed

dash of cinnamon (big dash)

dash of salt (small dash)

heated up 1t of olive oil on skillet and made the pancakes like they were real!!!

Once down, spread 1T of Almond butter between the three and served with two sliced strawberries 🙂 


And then I took a picture of DMO working while he wasn’t watching… The pancakes made him super focused. 



And another pic of my new headband because I love it so much. As I said, mine was the freak at the store (one of a kind) but this Lululemon headband seems similar. 



And then I took a picture of my shoes while I was on campus because I was feeling hyper and they looked kind of cool in the light. Today I was really proud of my fitness gear.


And a picture of my ERG screen 🙂



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