Sol Warrior is all about me and everything I love to do, mainly working out and eating delicious food.


My name is Andie and I am a UCLA college student from Chicago. LA has a much more body-focused driven environment than Chicago and I try to avoid the pressures while enjoying the good stuff (lots of juice bars and Tiesto in my yoga class). Since being at school I’ve realized how my lifestyle is pretty unique from most of the students around me. At Sol Warrior I want to share my ideas and opinions on different lifestyle choices, ideas from other people who I read about and bits from my life.

My food: I try to eat very clean and pretty plant-based. Me and my roommate Becky cook all of our dinners together at least 5 nights a week, and make really good stuff. My staples are a lot of apples, flax seed, greek yogurt, kale salads, carrots, sweet potatoes and fish. I probably have either wine or dark chocolate every day. And I love a good steak, cheese and frozen yogurt.


Me and Becky

My fitness: I work out 5-6 times per week. Recently I’ve been trying to do a 3 days on, one day off routine. I probably take 5 yoga classes a week (at Core Power – you’ll hear a lot about this amazing place), run 4-5 miles one or two times/week, maybe some stadiums and/or weights. Every once in a while I will indulge in a SoulCycle class but not often because these are expen$ive.

One time me and Sara tried sea kayaking...

One time me and Sara tried sea kayaking…

My life: My family is my core. I have really good (and completely different) relationships with both of my parents. My dad is 58 and looks 40. He has been competitive cycling for a long time, and is one of the best in the state (in his age group). He is extremely fit and knows what’s up. He gives me a lot of advice. My mom owns a wine shop in the suburbs of Chicago and is super interested in health food. We talk at least 15 minutes every day about wine, dark chocolate, flax seeds and coconut oil. I have 4 sisters. One in Thailand, one in Spain, one about to graduate from high school and the youngest one is a swimmer. They all inspire me to be a better, nicer and more caring person.

Me and the beautiful sisters

Me and the beautiful sisters

Me and Dad at work

Me and Dad at work


My friends are my second source of inspiration. The ones you will hear about the most are Becky and Dillon. Becky (the roommate) is a runner and ran her first marathon this past summer; she is a Neuroscience major here at UCLA and one of the smartest people I know. She lets me tell her about all my over-excited claims and ideas about food and fitness all day and night. My boyfriend Dillon listens as well. He was the one who pushed me to start this blog because he enjoys listening to my opinions and thought other people might as well. I fell in love with Deems when I was a freshman, and he is my first boyfriend (now, about 1.5 years). Now he is a young, professional living in Santa Monica and says I showed him how to love vegetables. He loves and supports everything I do, and always reminds me to slow down and take life as it comes.

Me and DMO (Dillon) doing what we do best

Me and DMO (Dillon) doing what we do best

Dmo lets me embarrass him every once in a while...

Dmo lets me embarrass him every once in a while…

Sol Warrior is about what is important in my life. I hope you enjoy reading through it as much as I do writing it.


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