National WOMEN Day!!!!

Happy national women’s day!!!!

Ideas to make your day shine:

(in order from cheapest to most expensive)

  • Sit up straight
  • Take a brisk walk during your lunch break to Starbucks (only California lovers, Chicago sorry) and get a green tea or a caffe misto
  • Take a yoga class
  • Make dinner with your girlfriends
  • Drink wine with your girlfriends
  • Get cocktails with your girlfriends
  • Go to happy hour/dinner with your girlfriends
  • Get a manicure/haircut/spray tan
  • Buy some new lululemon boogie shorts (maybe just me)
  • Buy a brand new luli fama bikini
  • Go to Mexico

To celebrate my national women’s day, I took a yoga class and am now drinking a delicious coco caffe while I write this post and wait for my bosses to come to work.

Tonight, I am going to make delicious dinner with my lovely roommate and drink wine with Sara. Tomorrow I am going to buy a new bikini for Spring Break 🙂

Recent foods:
Back on bananas – I’m obsessed with these fruits. I don’t know why but for some strange reason  I have this idea in my head that they aren’t that good for you. Maybe just not that good for me – sometimes they slow me down (internally) and they just don’t have that excitement of  a delicious crisp apple or big strawberries or round blueberries. Idk what it is, but right now they’re back in my diet and I’m loving them. I incorporated them into breakfast – covered in cinnamon with a big spoonful of almond butter, flax and more cinnamon and some frozen blueberries with 2 hard boiled eggs (I try not to eat the yolk). Yum delicious and light. So happy.


Salad new fun – some new additions: kalamata olives (from TJs, about $3 a jar and super salty and delicious). Also, I’ve been making a tuna salad. I took half a can of tuna and mixed in some whole grain mustard (the type with the little balls) and a dollop of my greek yogurt. It tastes so naughty and the yogurt just ups the protein. Awesome.


Me and love – early morning funny. Me and my sisters (except Frances) have a message thread on facebook and I took this one at 7am to send to them. Cute 🙂


Last night we pan seared cod with a little teriyaki, sautéed some bok choy with mushrooms, and cut up half a kabocha squash and baked for 25 min at 350. After 20 minutes or so we took it back out and put a thin glaze of bragg’s amino acids and honey on each one. They look very seasoned but a little went a loooong way. Great dinner.


Inspiration for an awesome weekend!

  • Friday I ran 3.7 9:30 miles
  • Saturday ran stairs and did some freestyle yoga around the track
  • Sunday I took off
  • Monday I went to a C2 yoga class.
  • Tuesday I went to a C2 yoga class before work and a sculpt yoga class after work
  • Wednesday ran 5 miles
  • Thursday I went to C2
  • This morning took a sculpt class!

Hopefully get some fun workouts in this weekend (maybe run to the beach? Santa Monica Stairs? Hiking!?)

What fun workout plans do you have this weekend? Is the weekend usually a bust for you or your best workouts of the week?



February Increase

In February:

28 total workouts
6 days off
Ran 7 times – 30 miles
C2 yoga 9 times
Pilates twice
Sculpt yoga 4x
Weights in the gym 4x
Stairs twice

Here comes muscle march!!!!
Run ten miles per week
Stairs once per week
Weights once per week
One sculpt class per week
Lots of yoga

Early Morn UCLA and creative fish

Thursday night dinner was unbelievable. We dethawed black cod (for two, it was about $6) so $3 a person. Made one sweet potato into fries ($0.69), some kale chips and brussel sprouts (probably $1). In total the meal was less than $5 per person. And it was incredible.


Next morning I made myself get up before work hit the track for some stars and go to the gym. Fridays are really important workout days because they set the tone for the rest of the weekend!!! And if I’m at work from 8 to 6 I gotta get it in early.





My university is so beautiful. It was such a great morning workout. I killed the track in about 24 minutes (15 flights) and had a 8 minute mile run warmup there. Me and Sara got off work early and sprinted to the 530 sculpt class at core power. We challenged each other to only use 5 pounders (as opposed to 3 pounders, in a hot yoga class, tricep dips with crescent pose lunges is very difficult) and we had so much fun doing it.
Scratch happy hour – sculpt instead. Best decision.
Dinner was well deserved – fresh tilapia.


Sandwich of exercise

Today marks day 5 of exercise. Ran 6 on Sunday followed by three days of yoga and running again this morn. Walking a couple hours after running I felt like a train had hit me but now I feel good. I’m gonna double up and hit yoga again after work to streeeetch out.

Dinner last night was straight veggies. I threw some kale into the oven and the chips were amazing. I’m going to start buying two bags so I can make kale chips alot.


I also peeled a clementine in one peel. Dmo calls this the starfish peel and he was very proud of me.


6 9:30s



This morning I ran allll the way to the beach.. 6 full miles. Becky got this amazing Garmin watch for xmas which shows you exactly how far you have gone and what pace you are currently running at. After every mile it gives you the pace for that mile… My first one was about a 9:04, 2nd was 10 something and then the rest were 9:30-9:45. But it felt amazing. When I got to the beach I took a bunch of pics to send to my fam and then went to Dmos to wake him up from his hangover.

I spent the day just running around westwood and we are about to eat a delicious salmon dinner!


Dinner last night… Kabocha squash, atlantic salmon and grilled zucchinis and onions


Me and Sara on the roof this morning

Running on empty

Last night I got less than 6 hours of sleep which is usually a huge problem for me. After class this morning I was feeling totally off so figured I might as well go to the gym and run it off.
I ran the perimeter which is a 4 mile loop around campus. One direction is notoriously hard with two major uphill efforts (at least 5 minutes each). I decided to just go for it. I was feeling awesome at first but halfway through ran put of steam. Figures for no sleep.
I tried to finish out strong and when I got back to the gym I did an arms circuit with free weights and some assisted pull-ups. Now on the way back home I feel awesome and am so happy I went for it.
Here’s hoping I don’t crash in class. Uhoh

Update: lunch break with my favorite magazine which basically repeats information every month but keeps me motivated 🙂