Smoothie in a bowl aka supergod

I just made a delicious smoothie in a bowl. I am so happy and full and feeling great.
I put in:
Half a frozen banana
A handful of frozen blueberries
Big handful of spinach
Huge handful of kale
Three ice cubes
One scoop vanilla whey protein
Sprinkled with flax seed and cinnamon


Also look at this funny thing on vitacoco. My friend spilled his vita coco all over his car and it has smelled like fermenting something for a couple months now. Like a fungus. It’s disgusting! But they warn you…


Also Chrissy Teigen’a adorable pup (from her Instagram)



Yogurt creation 1

Every morning I eat either fat-free plain Greek yogurt, a bowl of Kashi GoLean or egg white oatmeal. I like to get a strong combo of protein and fiber, and eat about 300 calories.
I am addicted to seeds and make sure I get a serving in on top of my breakfast. They are so nutritious, high in fiber and easy. Definitely a staple.

Yogurt Creation #1
Mix following ingredients in this order:
1 cup Trader Joes non-fat Greek yogurt
1T trader joes raspberry preserves (sweetener)
1T Trader Joes chia seeds
3 strawberries, sliced
1/2 peach, sliced
Sprinkle of cinnamon
1/4 cup Kashi goLean for a crunch!


313 calories
28 grams of protein!!!
10 grams of fiber 🙂